What we do

We only do ONE thing, and we do it really, really well.

And that's PAYROLL . Payroll processing, Payroll software, Payroll implementation, Payroll audit - just everything Payroll. We know what we do well, and we know we could do it better than you do. With our passion and dedication, you will be assured of our consistency in delivering quality results.

We don’t do evil.  That’s for sure.

We only do payroll. No recruitment. No HR consultancy. Payroll2U is about serious Payroll, both Payroll outsourcing & SaaS. We strongly believe that we should focus on what we do best, in order to deliver the best to you. We respect privacy and confidentiality. We maintain reasonable and appropriate security controls to protect your information at all times. We try to avoid conflict of interest in every possible way.

Small organisation? Medium sized? Large enterprise?

It doesn't matter, really. Our service delivery model is tailored to suit your organisational structure and requirement. No payroll is too big or too small for us. As long as it is payroll, we are confident to step up and deliver. In fact, we rather step in when you are small and grow with you. We share the right processes with you from the beginning and ensure compliances all the way. But if you are already a big organisation, we'd love to help you to streamline your processes and simplify it. We automate manual processes by introducing self-service options and perhaps, some customisation to link to your global HR and financial systems. After all, we are the payroll experts.

Our pricing - can we really do it cheap?

No we can’t. “Cheap” is often associated with inferiority and low quality. So no, we don’t offer cheap payroll. What we offer is quality payroll at an affordable cost that works for you as our client, and at a price that may be lower than you would have to incur if you do it in-house. Plus the advantage of our robust cloud application and at the same time, you get to leverage on our expertise. All this at a very reasonable price. Now, that is what we call a good pricing model.

payroll outsourcing

Our services and applications are compliant with countries in Asia, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China and Vietnam, and are capable of handling various payroll services. Headquartered in Singapore, Payroll2U aims to provide a holistic service to the entire Asian region. To know more about our services catered to your location, please contact our staff at sales@payroll2u.com