Our pricing model is not complicated but rather precise - so that there will be no surprises for both parties. One thing for sure though, we can guarantee you a competitive price!

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The first and recommended option is to OUTSOURCE ENTIRELY, of course. Let our team help you manage your monthly payroll processes and ensure statutory compliances at all times. 
During the transition period, we will also help you to streamline your internal processes and automate as much as possible.  Relevant modules will be introduced to help you achieve an efficient and organised process. 

When you outsource, you DON’T have to:
- Employ and retain experienced payroll staff
- Keep up to date with the constant updates in statutory legislation
- Pay maintenance/support charges for your payroll software
- Purchase stationery – payslips, year-end tax forms, etc
- Organise for holiday and sickness cover, and/or train new staff whenever someone leaves
- Provide PCs, printers, and have the necessary IT support to maintain them

But if you already have the resources, embrace the latest technology and migrate to smartPAY.Option 2 is where you decide to process the payroll in-house since you already have existing resources.  You can choose to tap on to our innovative cloud technology, smartPAY which is offered as a subscription service.  Pay a fixed fee per month and you can enjoy the full benefits without worrying about software compliances, upgrades, etc.  As your provider, we will deploy changes and updates as and when it happens to ensure total compliance.  Data backups and recovery is also managed entirely by our team.

The final option is to do BOTH.Not sure which option to choose?  Or perhaps you have had a bad experience previously? Or maybe your payroll is simply a mess at the moment. Try work with us. You can tell the difference the moment we make contact. We will first help you to transition to outsource as this is the only way we can help you to streamline your processes and identify areas to improve. Once you are ready, we will transfer it back to you to manage it yourselves.  No worries at all!

And when we say don't worry, we mean it.